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With the exception of the galleries containing Digital Drawings & Paintings and Citiscapes, all of the images on this site began as photographs. My purpose, however, is not to present the camera's view of the world, but, rather, my own creative vision. At times, the camera and I are in closer agreement as to what we see than at others. An exact, literal, external representation of each subject is of less interest to me than is capturing its "inner light". Toward that end, I employ computerized filters and effects to create images intended to express the subject as I experienced it, rather than as viewed by the camera's eye.

Some of my work was recently published in the book, On the Milky Way, a collection of art by artists from around the world accompanied by the poetry of Viet Tran. Copy and paste the link below to view the results. http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/3840775/6cc25acf7abf159b1684d3f00cffe2f890a84b0f?ce=blurb_ew&utm_source=widget


In my younger days, I enjoyed drawing and oil painting, basically for my own amusement and amazement. I never felt more alive than when I was in the midst of creating something. Over the years, I lost touch with that part of myself. Happily, the gift of a camera for my birthday a few years ago reignited that old creative spark. Retired, I now spend hours taking and editing photos or creating original digital drawings and paintings on my computer. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and I am having fun.

My home is situated on the shore of the Long Island Sound in the Bronx, New York. I'm blessed with breathtaking views of the water, wildlife and the Throggs Neck Bridge. With all the wonders of nature right outside my door, I could take pictures forever and never leave my home. I also have several very photogenic cats who are more than willing subjects.

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I Love You by Dale Ford


Birthday by Dale Ford


Triptych by Dale Ford


Wave by Dale Ford


Ginkgo Leaf in Puddle by Dale Ford


Riding the Wave by Dale Ford


First Light by Dale Ford


Illuminated by Dale Ford


Gold Rush by Dale Ford


Luminous Wave by Dale Ford


Shallow Water by Dale Ford


Rough Waters by Dale Ford


Sea Dreams by Dale Ford


Midas Touch 2 by Dale Ford


The Midas Touch by Dale Ford


Sunset on Water by Dale Ford


Citiscape by Dale Ford


City Reflected by Dale Ford


Max Silhouette With Sunset by Dale Ford


Citiscape by Dale Ford


Citiscape by Dale Ford


Tenement by Dale Ford


Rainy Day in the City by Dale Ford


Citiscape by Dale Ford


Citiscape by Dale Ford


Citiscape by Dale Ford


Citiscape NYC by Dale Ford


9-11-01 by Dale Ford


A Prince in Disguise by Dale Ford


Summer in the City by Dale Ford


Late Flight by Dale Ford


Throggs Neck Bridge in the Fog by Dale Ford


Citiscape by Dale Ford


Reposing Swan by Dale Ford


Max by Dale Ford



Max by Dale Ford



Rainbow Wave by Dale Ford


Accept Your Irrelevance by Dale Ford


Casey in Her Cat Condo by Dale Ford


Mute Swan by Dale Ford


Peek A Boo by Dale Ford


Winter Blues by Dale Ford


Light on Water by Dale Ford


Seagull by Dale Ford


Ebony by Dale Ford


Barefoot Boy by Dale Ford


Aye Chihuahua by Dale Ford


Pretty as a Pig-ture by Dale Ford